Brands We Repair

We keep up to date with all the major appliance brands so that we can be a go-to service for the Tucker community. We work mostly with the following brands:



This international corporation has offices in Boston and has a wide range of products in power, healthcare, and finance. GE appliances and their subsidiaries are one of the most well-known and trusted brands in the world.

They create and design everything from freezers to air conditioners to heaters. They not only manufacture but innovate. This could mean refrigerators that make your coffee to self-cleaning ovens and stoves. This company has 150 years of innovations under their belt that they’ve shared with customers from coast to coast.




Hailing from Soel, Korea, this corporation is known mainly for its electronics. But they also make every household appliance that you can think of. Their products range from vacuums to air conditioners, refrigerators to washing machines.




This company is UK based and whose goal is to make your life more convenient and your home a warmer place to be. And their innovations are not useless or gimmicky. They can brag about over 900 annual patents submitted to them. They are also known to create aesthetically pleasing designs, with a strong focus on quality.



This company has your lifestyle as a focal point. Their appliances help you in the kitchen, get the laundry done quickly and keep your living space cleaner. Washer and dryer combos, as well as vacuums and air conditioners, are only a few of the appliances that they sell.




This brand is well known for its ten-year warranty. This warranty speaks to just how reliable the products are. Their repair service is also run by professionals who have years of experience under their belts, exactly like us.




This company has been in the business for over a hundred years. Their appliances are known for their ability to perform, as well as their ground-breaking features. They sell almost every household appliance known today and on the market.




This subsidiary of Middleby Corporation. The latter is known for manufacturing the largest number of kitchen appliances on a global scale. This is Viking’s biggest asset. They used to only sell exclusively to restaurants, but now they are sharing their products with you and your home. They sell everything from ovens to refrigerators, air conditioners to ice machines.




This company combines performance with aesthetics to provide your home with top quality appliances. They offer a range of refrigerators and stoves, as well as air conditioners, filtering systems, and dryers.


Whatever brand you feel most comfortable with, there is no way that it is going to keep running forever without any hiccups. When they decide to start giving you trouble, you need a professional repair company like Dale’s Appliance Repair to get them back into working order. Contact us right away and we can begin to make your life easy again.