Dishwasher Repair

Dishwashers save you time and effort when it comes to your dishes. You can use the time that you would have spent manually scrubbing dishes to doing anything else productive. So, when they break down, your free time suddenly is in peril. But there’s no need to worry. If you’re a resident of the Tucker area in Georgia, we can send one of our seasoned professionals to diagnose the issue. Our team is full of well trained and experienced individuals, who have seen every make and model of refrigerator on the market.

You’ll be given a fair price upfront, quality service and viable solutions to fix your appliance. Even if the refrigerator just needs some run of the mill maintenance, we can assist you with that, as well. This will not only prolong your refrigerator’s lifespan but will keep it running at top capacity.


Why is it breaking?


There are many reasons for a malfunction to occur. The pump assembly may be worn or leaking, the heating elements may need replacing or there may be a clog somewhere in the drain line. These can easily cause a snowball effect and affect other parts of the machine.

Since this is no easy feat, it is wise to consult with a professional. DIY repairs have been known to not be cost-efficient and lead to more problems down the line. Our team has more than enough tools and experience to get the job done efficiently the first time, which saves you money.


Common Issues


Issues Draining


You can easily repair this yourself by cleaning the drain screen. Unrinsed dishes can lead to food particle build-up. If the drain is clean and the draining is still not 100%, then you may be looking at a broken drainpipe or pump.


Loud Noises


A loud humming noise, which is not normal, can be traced back to a damaged hose or a blockage. This usually requires replacement parts and is not meant to be tackled alone. If it suddenly shuts off after the noise begins, then the motor is done for and needs replacing.


Marathon Run or Improperly Cleaned Dishes


If the cycles are too long, then the thermostat or timer needs servicing. If your dishes consistently come out dirty, there is an issue with the spray armholes, the impellers or the heating element.


Filling: Too Much or Too Little


If the dishwasher turns on, but either drains too quickly or, conversely, doesn’t drain quickly enough, then you may need to look into getting the inlet valve cleaned or replaced.

Inlet valves differ with every brand so doing it on your own is close to impossible. Let an expert get their hands dirty with this one.


Considering a Replacement


If you treat your dishwasher well and maintain it, then it can last anywhere from eight years to a decade. Towards the end, however, more issues will arise. If our team diagnoses it as being too old and that repairs would only become too frequent to be worth your money, then we’ll advise you on replacing it. We’ll even aid with the installation.

No matter the issues, we are here to find permanent solutions. Get in touch and we’ll set up an appointment with you today.