Freezer Repair

You will only ever realize how important your freezer is when it isn’t working. Suddenly, you have hundreds or even thousands of dollars of food and other items at stake, and nowhere viable to put them. But if you call Dale’s Appliance Repair straight away, we can have your freezer up and running again in no time. We are the fastest appliance repair company in Tucker and our emergency services are top-notch.


Why is my freezer breaking down?


Malfunctions happen for a variety of reasons. It could be anything from damages to the door seals to condenser coils needing a good cleaning. It could also be thermostats or compressors in need of replacing.

Whatever the issue, these sorts of repairs are not to be attempted by anyone who owns a tool kit. You have to know what you’re doing, as well as be comfortable working around electricity and the hazards that come with it. Trial and error usually only lead to more damages and more money out of your pocket. Even worst, your life could be left in peril.

This is why you must hire a professional, which is not only cost-effective but avoids future damages to your appliance or the warranty.


Common Issues


Freezers Clicking Away


The usual sounds a freezer should be making are humming noises. Clicking noises that become noticeable could be coming from the compressor or start relay. Since the start relay is what starts the compressor, if it isn’t supplying enough power or is completely burnt out, then you have to replace it. The evaporator fan motor may also need replacing. as well as the compressor mounts.


Freezer Runs on Warm


If the freezer is properly plugged in, but not turning on, the power supply could be compromised. Check to see if any fuses have blown or if the breaker was tampered with. If the freezer is too warm, you may need to check if debris hasn’t blocked the vents or condenser coils. Also, check to see if the evaporator fan isn’t broken. Call us if none of the above solves your problem. We will be able to handle it.


Freezer Leaking


If there is water inside the freezer or on the floor that wasn’t there before, you may need to check that the water inlet valve wasn’t damaged. If the valve is in working order, then check that the drain tube isn’t blocked.


Considering a Replacement


Freezers are known to have considerably longer life spans. You should only look into replacing your freezer if it is over seventeen years old. At that point, frequent repairs will end up costing you more money than necessary. Our team is more than equipped to help you select and install a new model.

If your freezer has gone on strike, then give us a call today.