Ice Maker Repair

Trying to make ice manually and with trays turns out exactly as you might think: water sloshed everywhere, towels needed for drying and unnecessary frustration. That’s why an ice maker is such a luxury. However, if you’re noticing that your ice maker is malfunctioning or not performing as it should, don’t panic! Simply contact us at Dale’s Appliance Repair and we’ll match you up with an experienced ice machine repair technician. Our technicians come equipped with years of experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time.


Types of Repairs We Provide


Dale’s Appliance Repair is proud to service the following ice maker brands:


  1. Transportable ice machines
  2. Ice makers for your freezer
  3. Stand-alone ice machines
  4. Integrated ice machines


Most Common Complaints


No Ice Cube Production


If your machine is failing to do the one thing it’s built to do, that is, make ice, then the water distribution may be compromised. Check the water supply lines if ice cubes are smaller than usual or non-existent. They may be connected improperly or even be clogged. Any blockage in the line affects the water supply.

A filter that is blocked or damaged causes the same kinds of problems. You should be changing your filters regularly, which means about twice a year. Our expert technicians can help you swiftly pinpoint the issue and come up with a long-term solution.




As counterintuitive as it seems, if the water freezes before arriving at the ejection point, the result will be one of two outcomes: no ice cubes at all or one giant block of ice. The thermostat may be malfunctioning in this case. However, the temperature may also be set too low. With the owner’s manual as a guide, look at the settings and make sure that you’re within the right temperature range for your machine. If the current temperature is fine, the next step would be to have the machine serviced.


No Ice Cube Ejection


This is a very common problem with ice machines. The simple answer is that the machine may be in the incorrect mode. Consult your owner’s manual to confirm that you have the correct settings.

One of the most common features of an ice machine is a small mechanical arm. Raising or lowering the mechanism affects ice production. When the arm goes up, ice production stops and, when the arm goes down, ice production resumes. This is a very common explanation for ice machines that aren’t producing any ice. However, if everything seems normal but no improvements can be seen, then call us and we’ll come have a look.


Why Should You Turn To Us?


If you are struggling with an ice machine, don’t pray for a miracle. Give us a call and we’ll offer you quick, reliable and affordable rates for our services. We are committed to helping you fix your problem and get rid of any inconveniences that this is causing you. All of the major ice maker brands on the market are well within our level of expertise. Contact us today for an initial consultation.