Oven Repair

Heating up or thawing food becomes instantly complicated when an oven suddenly refuses to do its job. This small mishap does not signal the end of your baking days. If you are in the Tucker area, call Dale’s Appliance Repair to schedule an initial consultation for your appliance. We will match you with an experienced technician who is insured, certified and has years of experience in their pocket. If the oven bran is on the market, they have seen and dealt with it.


Why is it broken?


Many things can go wrong with an oven. The ignition may need tending to, the lightbulb may need repairing or the door gaskets may need to be looked at. DIY repairs are tempting but can lead to further problems down the line as well as more expensive repairs. It can even lead to dangerous conditions for you and your family to be exposed to. Around 20% of electrical deaths in America can be traced back to household appliances.

Our number one priority is your safety and time. This is why hiring an experienced technician who knows what they are doing is imperative.


Common Issues


Not Heating


If the oven is not heating, check to see if the pilot light is on (gas oven) or if a breaker has been tripped (electrical oven). If the power is running smoothly, then the heating element may have been compromised and needs replacing. However, there is an added component. If the heating element is in working order, but the grill isn’t, then the latter needs replacing.

Other contributing factors include the safety, oven thermostat or thermal fuses.

When it comes to ovens, the repairs can either be simple or intensely complex. There is no in between.


Door is jammed or won’t close


The hinges or the runner are the culprits in cases like these. They either need to be re-aligned or completely replaced. If the hinges are fine, then you may be dealing with a worn door seal, which prevents the door from shutting.

If you have a self-cleaning model, then the self-cleaning latches may be acting up. As a result, the doors won’t open, which leads to the cleaning cycle not starting.


Too Hot


The built-in sensors and thermostat may be malfunctioning. The risk, in this case, is that the oven will overheat and burn your food. This is a case for a professional and not for an amateur with a toolbox.


Is a Replacement Necessary?


Ovens, whether double or single, range or built-in, don’t last more than ten years. If yours is nearing that age, then we recommend replacing it. Your economic comfort is our first priority. We can help with the installations, as well as any repairs you may need. Give us a call and we can help you get started.