Refrigerator Repair

Your refrigerator has a hard and thankless job. It spends every second of its life keeping your items cool and preserved, without so much as a day off. So, it becomes noticeable when it begins performing less than it should. If you are concerned that your food is at risk of spoiling, then contact Dale’s Appliance Repair. If you reside in the Tucker, GA area, we can match you with one of our technicians over to take a look at your appliance. They have hundreds of thousands of repairs under their belts and training in all the popular brands of refrigerators. In the interim, we suggest you purchase some dry ice and place it in the refrigerator amongst your items. Make sure that the door remains shut as much as possible.


Why is it broken?


This could be due to a laundry list of reasons. The condenser coils may need cleaning, the compressor might need replacing, or one of the timers and heater may be faulty.

You can fix this quickly by servicing broken parts of the machine or installing brand new parts. As simple as this seems, it is rarely that simple and we don’t advise you to carry out these repairs yourself.

The equipment is expensive and, since problems vary from brand to brand, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. This may lead to further damages that your warranty won’t be able to cover.

The smartest approach is to bring on a professional, which Dale’s Appliance Repair has plenty of.


Common Issues


Loud, Out of the Ordinary Noises


If you are noticing loud, out of the blue noises that weren’t there before, the fan or the ice maker might be behind it. If the sound only occurs upon opening the door, then the condenser may be at fault. If a random object is caught in the rotator blades, then it won’t rotate properly and causes that unpleasant sound. Evaporator fans are replaceable but, if left for too long, can lead to more damages.


Not Cold Enough


This can be traced back to the condenser coils being backed up with debris and miscellaneous build up. A deep clean is an ideal solution but, if this doesn’t solve things, then give us a call.

The power sources for the condenser may also be failing and need replacing.




Water, where it shouldn’t be, is not a normal occurrence and can be traced back to the filter or one of the valves. These parts aren’t repairable and require replacing.

If the filter wasn’t installed properly, to begin with, then it needs to be re-installed in order to stop the leaking.

If the pan or valve has sustained any damages, then those require replacing, as well.


Is a Replacement Right for Me?


Refrigerators can last up to seventeen years, depending on the make and model. If it is pushing seventeen years, then you should be looking into a replacement. We can offer you advice in that department, as well. Give us a call to get started.