Washer / Dryer Repair

Ah yes! The dynamic duo of the household that makes it possible for you to leave the house with your clothes fresh and clean, as well as dry. When they break down, you begin to wonder whether you’ll ever leave the house again. But don’t worry! All you have to do is call Dale’s Appliance Repair of Tucker and set up an appointment. Our team of seasoned and certified technicians will be able to assist you with any repairs you might need. We want you to be able to leave the house proudly with your clothes clean and dry.


Why are they malfunctioning?


There are endless reasons for why your washer and dryer are malfunctioning and, unfortunately, many contributing factors could point to many different issues, making pinpointing the issue that much harder. The pump could need replacing, the drive belt might be worn and needs repairs, or any number of switches could be breaking down.

These sorts of repairs are not to be attempted alone and without any prior experience. Any DIY repairs could lead to more problems, more money wasted on extra repairs and, if we’re being honest, we doubt you have the kinds of tools necessary to carry out these repairs.

Our team is committed to getting your washer and dryer back to peak performance, which means more money in your bank account and a longer-lasting appliance.


Most Frequent Complaints


Loud Noises


If your washer starts making noises that are out of the ordinary, then the pump, motor or shock absorbers need to be looked at. You may want to look into cleaning the impeller and the motor, as well.

If the drive belt looks like it has seen better days, then that could be the cause of the noise. Installing a new belt is a quick and easy fix to this problem.




A damaged hose may be behind any leaks or surprising puddles of water that you find lying around the machine. Do not try to repair a worn hose as this will only lead to more issues that may not be as easily fixable. If the water inlet valve has sustained any damages, then it needs replacing, and the surrounding parts need to be properly fastened.


Dryer Not Heating


Not enough air flowing through the machine could be the answer to this problem. We recommend vacuuming out the air ducts to remove any debris. Also, check to see that the thermal fuse wasn’t tampered with. It may have caused the heating to completely cut out and needs replacing.

The heating element may also need replacing if it isn’t heating the appliance properly.


Are Replacements Necessary?


Dryers can live up to thirteen years and washers, at eleven years, last a little less. If both of these appliances are pushing a decade, then breakdowns (and frequent ones) are inevitable. It is best to look into replacing rather than repairs at this point. We can gladly help you pick out a new model that’s right for you and your household. As a bonus, we will help you install them and give you helpful pointers about how to maintain them. Call us today so that we can book an initial consultation